Ryan Lovelace

Lovelace Twin Demo

Most commonly known for his "V bowls" shape, Ryan Lovelace is a great versatile shaper with many boards to offer those willing to try something different. On this day I rode one of Ryan's latest from a series of twin fins, a 5'6" fish with bottom having slight v to double transitioning to spiral v out the hips. The rocker is low but continuous, rails are thin, down around 70/30 roughly. The longboard ridden in the film is a 9'4" Bing Lightweight Noserider.

 Film & Edit Andrew Schoneberger + Music Johnny McCann

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Film and Photo http://www.backyard.bz

Quad board review | Shaper, Ryan Lovelace

Approx. 5'8"x 19 1/2" x 2 3/4", result is a good board in various conditions, fast, excellent drive, and good release. At first, the board had too much drive in my opinion with the given fin set up although once downsizing the upper front fins to "standard" thruster sides, the board worked really well for me. At first glance, the bottom appears to have some slight vee or flat entry, transitioning to concave around front foot, and going to slight spiral vee in the tail. It was inspiring to discuss general board design with Ryan and hear about his admiration for this specific design, crediting master shaper Neal Purchase Jr. 


photos | Donnie Hedden (black and white, surfing) & Andrew Schoneberger (color, surfing)




Featured Artist - Ryan Lovelace

ryan is a true master at his craft. ryan takes his unique approach to shaping boards particularly designs that excel in point break surf. the boards are aesthetically beautiful and really fun to ride. his boards seem to be contagious as you'll probably notice at least 10 of them on any given session in the cove. i personally like the board, especially the way it promotes a more smooth style of surfing. his popular v bowls shape is a versatile board that is a lot of fun...during one recent evening session, i borrowed one for a few and could not stop smiling. ryan was eager to let me try it but also eager to get it back. 

Coming Soon...short clip of my v bowls board review in action.