RIVER | Oregon 2014

I was fortunate to spend the last few days in Oregon chasing steelhead with my good friend Chris Hodgman and expert guides Jon Hazlett and Steve Eadie. Our equipment (rods) included; Sage One Rod 8 weight, Sage TCX 7 weight, and the Sage VT2 7 weight. "Learning to Spey" is not easy which I discovered immediately. In order to learn the basics and execute a decent cast, I was forced to throw out all my prior knowledge derived from single handed casting techniques. If you're considering "venturing" out into the world of Spey Casting for the first time, I strongly recommend hiring a guide who has much experience with this technical style of fly fishing. Once a few decent casts are made, I guarantee you'll understand why so many fisherman have never gone back to a single hand rod...swinging flies for the "grab" is addicting!

Check out the short film below and make sure to watch expert guide Jon Hazlett in action (black and white film below). 

Ashland Fly Shop Guide - Jon Hazlett 

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