Featured Artist - Ryan Lovelace

ryan is a true master at his craft. ryan takes his unique approach to shaping boards particularly designs that excel in point break surf. the boards are aesthetically beautiful and really fun to ride. his boards seem to be contagious as you'll probably notice at least 10 of them on any given session in the cove. i personally like the board, especially the way it promotes a more smooth style of surfing. his popular v bowls shape is a versatile board that is a lot of fun...during one recent evening session, i borrowed one for a few and could not stop smiling. ryan was eager to let me try it but also eager to get it back. 

Coming Soon...short clip of my v bowls board review in action.

Worn Wear | Patagonia Short Film

Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family's maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, Vermont; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National Geographic photographer, and a legendary alpinist. It also features exclusive interviews with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. - Patagonia

Watch Worn Wear now

It's that time of year...

a special time of the year. we understand that though we may not reach the same numbers of fish as seen during the summer months, quality fish and solitude awaits us. crowds drop, access is limited, and temperatures drop to one digit. large rainbows and browns make their routine migration from large bodies of water into small holding spots upstream. with every drift we second guess our position on the river and are reminded that it may be true that 90% of the fish are holding in 5% of the water.