Fish - Pitt River, BC (Part 2)

Short film to document my recent journey to the Pitt River located approximately 43 air miles from Vancouver, BC. The journey includes a 45 minute boat ride across Pitt Lake, the largest tidal lake in north america, to the mouth of the Pitt River. Surrounded by wilderness, the lodge overlooks the glacier fed waters of the Pitt. The water are unforgiving, ever-changing, requiring expert guides who are well experienced. Luckily for us, the Pitt Lodge provided two of the best guides I've ever fished with. Sure the fishing was great, but the journey, remote surroundings, and people were most memorable.  

music - peter henry phillips, dreamcatcher

Lovelace Twin Demo

Most commonly known for his "V bowls" shape, Ryan Lovelace is a great versatile shaper with many boards to offer those willing to try something different. On this day I rode one of Ryan's latest from a series of twin fins, a 5'6" fish with bottom having slight v to double transitioning to spiral v out the hips. The rocker is low but continuous, rails are thin, down around 70/30 roughly. The longboard ridden in the film is a 9'4" Bing Lightweight Noserider.

 Film & Edit Andrew Schoneberger + Music Johnny McCann

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Film and Photo

River & Salt + Northern Oregon Coast

When long work weeks seem to be never-ending, I couldn't pass on this quick 48 hour trip to the Northern Oregon Coast in search of steelhead, solitude, and to catch up with a good friend. Chris Hodgman and I met up with master spey guide Scott O'Donnell of Fly Water Travel, who gave access to remote waters where steelhead were eager to chase a swung fly. With a short window of opportunity, we intentionally set our expectations low only to find exactly what we were searching for. 

Quad board review | Shaper, Ryan Lovelace

Approx. 5'8"x 19 1/2" x 2 3/4", result is a good board in various conditions, fast, excellent drive, and good release. At first, the board had too much drive in my opinion with the given fin set up although once downsizing the upper front fins to "standard" thruster sides, the board worked really well for me. At first glance, the bottom appears to have some slight vee or flat entry, transitioning to concave around front foot, and going to slight spiral vee in the tail. It was inspiring to discuss general board design with Ryan and hear about his admiration for this specific design, crediting master shaper Neal Purchase Jr.

photos | Donnie Hedden (black and white, surfing) & Andrew Schoneberger (color, surfing)


A different approach | Neal Purchase Jr.

NPJ is fun to watch. With alternative board design and a unique approach to surfing, it's easy to understand why so many are interested in his talent both in and out of the water. I first heard of NPJ due to the popularity of his "quartet," which apparently is "a good in all conditions quad fin board that is built for speed, control in all turning maneuvers, and tube riding."

RIVER | Northern CA

Nick Alker and crew chasing steelhead on the Klamath river.

RIVER | Oregon 2014

I was fortunate to spend the last few days in Oregon chasing steelhead with my good friend Chris Hodgman and expert guides Jon Hazlett and Steve Eadie. Our equipment (rods) included; Sage One Rod 8 weight, Sage TCX 7 weight, and the Sage VT2 7 weight. "Learning to Spey" is not easy which I discovered immediately. In order to learn the basics and execute a decent cast, I was forced to throw out all my prior knowledge derived from single handed casting techniques. If you're considering "venturing" out into the world of Spey Casting for the first time, I strongly recommend hiring a guide who has much experience with this technical style of fly fishing. Once a few decent casts are made, I guarantee you'll understand why so many fisherman have never gone back to a single hand rod...swinging flies for the "grab" is addicting!

Check out the short film below and make sure to watch expert guide Jon Hazlett in action (black and white film below). 

Ashland Fly Shop Guide - Jon Hazlett 

Ashland Fly Shop

Board Test | Shaper Ryan Lovelace

Ryan is a true master at his craft and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his insight regarding board design and his unique approach to the process. A few words from Mr. Lovelace...

"New 7'10" thing...basically a flipped backwards v.bowls pulled in...racy point wave mid length egg-glider thing." - Ryan Lovelace


It's complete! Here's the short film of our adventure to the eastern sierras this past winter. A two day adventure full of many great moments captured in this short film by Jesse Natale (JNorth Productions). We really enjoyed our new gear from Patagonia which tested well against weather conditions.


We headed down to the backside of Rincon to fly fish for Corbina. Within the first 10 minutes we saw a pair of cruisers, then another and another. After about 30 minutes I got a 21" "bean" to turn on my surfin' merkin. The fish took the fly and RAN!! Such an exciting way to fish, to be able to see the fish suck in your fly and then bolt..nothing like it. About one second later I look down the beach to see Danny's rod bent in half. Same thing. Except his was a 24" bean. Fun stuff. - Nick


I spent the last few days in Bozeman Montana in search of brown trout. Weather conditions were unforgiving which is the norm this time of year in Montana. Snow, rain, and high winds made fishing challenging but there were some calm moments where all elements came together and hard work paid off. To fully appreciate those magic moments you must also experience the moments of complete disappointment. My guide services were provided by Montana Troutfitters (Josh) and The River's Edge (Nathan). Both great guides who inspired my passion for fly fishing. In terms of gear, my river salt jacket from Patagonia proved to be a great top layer, proving warmth during the cold winds and kept me dry during snow flurries and rain.

Gear list: 

Waders : Patagonia Rio Gallegos  (link to patagonia's website), Boots : Simms Rivershed Boot (link)Wading Jacket : Patagonia'sRiver Salt (link)Pack : Patagonia's Stealth Atom Sling (link)

Guide Shops: The River's Edge (link), Montana Troutfitter's (link)

yellowstone river 

yellowstone river brown

yellowstone river brown

Inspire | Fly Fishing Collaborative

About Fly Fishing Collaborative

"We exist to use our passion for fly fishing for a good and just cause. According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), human trafficking is the world’s largest enterprise after drugs and weapons. Over 2 million children are affected annually. Studies show that children caught in sex trafficking are victimized by 100–1500 perpetrators each year. We formed the FFC so that we can use our tools in fly fishing to give children the protection and healing they need. By partnering with professional fly fishing outfitters and guides around the world, we have the incredible opportunity to join the fight for freedom and recovery for these precious children."

"The Fly Fishing Collaborative is offering professionally guided fly fishing trips and selling custom-made leather fly wallets. The money raised will be given to orphanages and caregivers around the world. This will go towards creating sustainable livelihoods and economic support to rescue and prevent more children from being sold into the sex slave industry."

"Every $10,000 we raise will provide a totally sustainable tilapia farm that will be built for an orphanage in order to provide them with food, income, water, and fresh produce. Additionally, this will empower their leaders to care for more children that would otherwise be sold into slavery."

board test | bing bn lightweight 9'4"

Love this board. Not at first but by the 5th session it felt good! It's a great balance of a traditional log and modern noserider. It definitely has a sweet spot that allows fun trimming through faster sections. 

9'4" - 23 - 3, nose 18.5, tail 16.25

photo erik fawcett

shop icons of surf, Ken


Board Review - fcd huevo ranchero

I recently picked up fcd's huevo ranchero board and have been enjoying it ever since. A versatile board with the option of riding as a standard tri-fin, 2+1, or single fin. I would definitely recommend this board to those who are looking to consolidate a few boards down to one or simply have fun on a board that is both retro and progressive. Another plus with this board is the ability to catch waves with ease...minimal rocker and good width under your chest. 

You can visit fcd surfboards for more info on the board...

Photos by Morgan Maassen 

board side view.jpg
bottom turn.jpg

Photos by Morgan Maassen